We teach by setting an example, working side by side with the same tools, doing the same tasks and following the same procedures from which no one is exempt. We keep our work environment clean and tidy, because we understand that safety starts from these basic elements.

OEM Training

For experienced and skilled mechanics, and for beginners showing the most promise we recommend OEM training courses. This is an excellent way to boost professional knowledge and become intimately familiar with the gold standard of aviation maintenance. We provide coordination and a team leader for every group undergoing the training, making sure all administrative matters are taken care of and that the mechnics are focused on the training, making the most out of this opportunity.

On The Job Training

Theoretical knowledge is the first step, but to build proficiency and troubleshooting capabilities everyone needs add some experience. Our engineers are all qualified on multiple types of aircraft with many years of practical field experience. On The Job training means that the trainees transform the theory from the manuals and classroom presentation to actual actions, learning by seeing how things are done and then doing it themselves. 

Rebuild Projects

Since the best way to learn is to do it with your own two hands, we offer to have 'rebuild projects', where we supply an old aircraft and the trainees overhaul it, under supervision and guidance from our instructors, back to airworthy status. Stripping it down, mechanics see things not normally seen and learn tasks not normally done by flight line mechanics. Overhauling components, exchanging parts and rebuilding teaches a lot about how complex things can be broken down into simple tasks and how to understand and follow the maintenance manuals instructions, all the way until the job is done. This is the best way get to know the aircraft and build real proficiency.

Advanced Courses

Engine overhauls, CRO, Avionics, Overhauls.... there are always more things to learn and we are glad to send the best and most suitable mechanics to recieve higher level training.

Maintenance Training

Flight Line Operations

We teach the basic tasks such as assisting engine starts and shutdowns, marshaling signals, how to start the day and how to close shop in the evening, when the aircraft are fueled, covered and all the tools are accounted for. 

We teach the mechanics how to avoid danger areas around rotors and propellers, how to notice and control people around who might approach the helicopter, we teach tool safety and the risks of FOD.

Once the flight line runs smoothly, the most adept can progress to the next level

Basic Inspections and Tasks

Performing PF, DI, WI, Compressor wash, and other regular inspections and maintenance tasks. We show how to check the logbooks and how to find the proper procedure in the maintenance manuals.

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