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a few words about us...

Our Vision

To help establish Modern, Professional, internationally accredited Pilot Training Centers, and create the foundations enabling local training of Aviation Professionals.

We inspire individuals and organizations to strive for excellence and achieve self sustaining, long term capabilities in the field of aviation.

Global Reach

WingsOps has valuable international experience developed in actual involvement, management and consulting on projects worldwide, ranging from Africa to South America, East-Europe to Asia. We can deliver training in multiple languages, platforms, and missions. 

WingsOps has experience in various segments of the aviation industry:

 - Military - Air and Ground Crew Training, System integration

 - Para-Civilian - Police missions, Helicopter Ambulance Services, Firefighting

 - Commercial/Civilian - Offshore, VIP, VVIP, News, Helicopter Lease/Sale services

Our Philosophy

Safety as part of the Aviation Professional’s DNA

 - Good judgment leads to Correct Decision Making, avoiding dangerous situation on the ground and in the air

Pilots are not ‘drivers’, Engineers are not ‘mechanics’

 - Training Programs are not targeting ‘minimum certification requirements’

 - Personal and Mental development as part of the Training Curriculum.

Practical Experience is the best way to learn

 - In order to become capable professionals, pilots need to fly and engineers need hands on experience. 

Aviation Training Takes Time - There are no Shortcuts

WingsOps Ltd.

WingsOps was established in 2007 in order to meet the growing need for aviation training and long term support in emerging markets. WingsOps is registered in Israel's Defense Export Control Administration. In the short time WingsOps has been active, we participated managed several multi-million dollar project, ranging from Civil Aviation, Para-Civil and Military Aviation. Our team of capable professionals is able to deliver focused solutions to meet your needs, whatever they may be, we have flown thousands of hours on multiple types of aircraft, in remote areas with adverse weather conditions and difficult terrain. That kind of experience and track record speaks for itself.