Tactical Training

For military pilots, WingsOps can provide tactical flying skills, targeting mission performance in demanding flying envelopes. Flying formation, low level, NVG, ground support or joined exercises, military flying is a different discipline from rigid civilian flying that is best learned by flying with seasoned veterans.

NVG Training

New or experienced in NVG, there is always something new to learn. WingOps provides flying training with NVG goggles, making night IFR into VFR flying and making it safer to fly.

Your Aviation Training and Operations Center, Anytime, Anywhere

Flight Training

First Solo

Every pilot remembers his first solo, we take great pride in our ability to teach the basics of flying, and give our students the chance to experience that once in a lifetime moment.

Advanced Skills

Confined landing area, night flying, NVG, mountain landings, formation flying and many other essential skills are part of our advanced skill syllabus. 

Our trainees can safely handle themselves in stressful situations such as brown outs in dusty landing zones, turbulent winds when approaching a peak, flying low level during SAR mission or around mountains at high altitude.

Our instructors are all seasoned professionals with thousands of flight hours, we pass on knowledge based on real life experiences gained outside the classroom presentations.

Operations Management 

A part of running a smooth operation, is the back office management. WingsOps developed a tailor made IT solution to manage all aspects of an operational aviation unit. Flights, air-crews, aircraft combined into operational, training and instruction missions, managing and tracking activities is made easy.

Mission Oriented Training

Flying is just the first step, since there is always a mission to perform. From VIP, Cargo, Surveillance, Medevac or SAR, pilots need to learn how to control and manage the mission without endangering the helicopter and crew. WingsOps builds focused training programs aimed at your operational profiles, to prepare your pilots for their tasks.