Depot level maintenance

Overhaul Capabilities

If you have old aircraft, out of service for various reasons, and you do not wish to invest in new, costly aircraft we may have a solution for you. Our teams may be able to overhaul your aircraft, and return them to airworthy condition.

Systems and Avionics Upgrades
MFCDs, NVG or other systems of your choice. WingOps offer to upgrade and modernize your aircraft bringing them into the 21st century and increasing effectiveness and safety at a fraction of the price of a new aircraft.

We use state of the art equipment, sold by recognized market leaders and combine avionics solutions to provide a tailor made solution.

Rebuild Projects

We offer to include rebuild projects as part of the training curriculum for mechanics, improving their hands on skills with an in depth understanding of every aspect of the aircraft they are maintaining. Nothing like stripping down and then building back up an aircraft to get to know it like no one else does...

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