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Turn-Key Aircraft Acquisition Service

Aircraft Selection

Based on your actual needs, we will then select the most suitable aircraft for you, taking into consideration budget constraints and long term operational objectives.

Pre-Purchase Inspection
After a thorough technical inspection we will prepare the aircraft for delivery, performing upgrades, additional installations or any other technical task that is required.

On Site assembly, Testing and acceptance

After delivery of the aircraft, we will then dispatch a team to accept and test it, making sure everything is in order. Testing will include an acceptance flight (when applicable).

Long Term Support Services

Even for the most skilled pilots and engineers It takes time absorb and learn a new aircraft. At WingsOps we know that the start of the operation is a key factor in the success of the project, and as pressure to operate mounts while the crews have little experience, risk factors are accumulating. 

We therefore try to make sure that our involvement does not end with the delivery of the aircraft, and offer to have a dedicates support crew tasked with assisting in this crucial time.